Nigeria must give El Rufai credit for choosing Balarabe

El Rufai has made himself many enemies, He even has the habit of creating more enemies by his actions, but his choice of running mate as governor for the second term is not one that people should start creating enemy for him. He has made some amazing political calculations which Nigerian should give him some credit for, nobody will be able to stop him from winning this election and this is what I think his enemies should be thinking about.

Picking a Woman as a running mate is a smart move in the North where women are discriminated against and which ironically has a dominating women population than men, this will be difficult for anybody to beat.

Hadiza Balarabe is from the Southern Kaduna, an area dominated by Christian and she is likely a relative of the former governor Balarabe Musa, if anybody is accusing El Rufai of an agenda to Islamize Nigeria, that means he should have picked a Fulani Muslim, and there are argument and indications that this Hadiza Balarabe is not even a Muslim as a lot of critic of the governor are speculating.

Recall, that Balarabe Musa has been making a strong statement in support of President Buhari recently, He is also castigating Atiku seriously, and he has been trying frantically to make peace between El Rufai and Senator Shehu Sani, He has also resigned his position in the PRP party, all these might be an indication to rally support for Hadiza and El Rufai in the coming election.

El Rufai might win this coming election as governor for second term, and this victory will not be because he rigged the election but because he made some mind blowing political move beyond the comprehension of his political opponents.

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