Failure in WAEC was no big issue in Buhari’s time

There was a time in Nigeria that you can get to any height with a pass in few subjects in WAEC, getting admission was not a do or die affairs then, and getting a job was not a matter of life and death, this was Nigeria in a little over 40 years ago, that was why Buhari could get into the military, become a Minister, become a General and a Head of State.

Nigerian should blame themselves for the recent WAEC crisis regarding Buhari, this was an obvious issue that were raised before 2015 election, Nigeria ignored it, some even said that they will support Buhari if all he has in the name of certificate was some paper picked from dustbin, fast forward four years later, the educational capacity of Buhari has added to the problem of Nigeria.

The people are regretting their decision, and Buhari felt if the same WAEC result worked in the past it should work again.

Let’s also apportion Buhari’s own blame to him, this man is unwilling to learn, he had 30years to add to his academic qualifications but he failed, where was he when Gowon went back to school as former Head of State, and Obasanjo now has a PhD? This same leaders that had it so nice in their time has made Nigeria so bad, that people who has all A’s in WAEC, scored over 280 in UTME, and score high mark in the post UTME cannot secure admission.

That is not enough, getting a job has become a civil war in Nigeria, company now warn job seekers that they could die while under going job application process and that will not stop million of Nigerians from applying for the same job, and after getting the job, to get ahead in life become a slow motion, Nigeria is a country reserved only for the rich few.

Buhari is paying for the crisis he helped created, if he is actually a man of integrity he should resign, you cannot be seeking the highest job in the country without the least qualifications required, he should not believe his supporters, some of these people demands First Class, and Second Class Upper while recruiting for their personal company, and they will never consider anything lower.

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