Is Social media dangerous

With the alarming increase in the number of people who are currently suffering from depression; a state of sadness, regret, anguish, frustration and hopelessness that can lead to a range of changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, daily behavior or self-esteem and also be associated with suicidal thoughts, one might be forced to wonder if social media is not actually dangerous

Though we enjoy technology at it’s best, it appears that it connects us yet disconnects us. Little wonder there could be a room filled with a bunch of young people who would stay mute for twenty four hours propagating loss of unity and love

The culture of intense loneliness has become the norm such that we do not have friends when our mobile data is off and a heightened insensitivity amongst people leading to increase in arrogance, cyber bullying and lack of self-worth by extension.

Life is often weighed by what is seen on social media which many atimes is fake but difficult for people to decipher, leading to a bunch of people weighing their lives by what is not real and putting undue unhappiness and hatred on themselves over nothing

Truth be told, some change that it has brought is good and others not, so I propose a drift from social media would open our eyes to the real happenings around us, make us pay attention to little things like care, love, affection and return sanity to the society

We must move forward by hope and not fear, fear of not being accepted, fear of not being good enough…fear of the unknown

Certainly social media has led to an increase in drug abuse as it contributes immensely to its accessibility. It is pertinent to note that years ago, though the use of hard drug was well spoken of, it was hardly accessible unlike this present age and time where with a click or two, one can get an overdose of hard drugs

It is very disturbing that while real content is no longer appreciated, a bunch of mess in an attempt at comedy on social media is now being appreciated and rewarded simply because most people are sad and crave any and every thing to regain a sense of happiness without trying too hard for it

Whatever happened to human deciding to come together like the days of the old, pouring out our minds, discussing life changing issues, telling beautiful stories? Indeed some culture is dead but not forgotten

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