Government prevents strike for Prince Charles’ visit

A lots of worker’s hope of enjoying themselves at home today because of the strike that was meant to commence today were dashed, the government comes around in an unusual way, but it was not because they care about the welfare of the workers, but to have a conducive environment to welcome Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and the heir to the British Crown, an august visitor to Nigeria.

The NLC is embarking on this strike to press for an increase in salary, this is the only serious action the Workers Union in Nigeria has taken in the life of this government. The Union has watched while the government pushed the country into poverty, and by the time they decided to act, it was almost too late, the government has taking their silence for granted, and the government has become nonchalant.

A number of factors is working for the action of the NLC this time around, they have decided to shutdown the Airport, that means that no foreigner can enter the country while the strike is on, and the government will be embarrassed if an important figure like Prince Charles should meet this situation on ground, the visit is scheduled for today and that is why the government went out of their way to avert the strike.

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