N100,000 Minimum wage, Sowore is the answer for NLC

It is unfortunate that the Nigerian Labour Congress(NLC) are fighting a needless battle for a N30,000 minimum wage when we have a Presidential candidate that had promised to pay N100,000 if elected, if the government has decided to impoverish the people, there is no point in fighting it, but to rally support for a better alternative.

Nobody raises the issue of minimum wage increase before Sowore voluntarily offered to pay the Nigerian workers a higher wage, the reality in Nigeria is enough to inspire a responsible government to come to the rescue of the people, but this government is not ready to make life better for the people.

The NLC should simply come together and mobilize their ranks and files in support of Sowore, whose agitation about the better pay package must have inspired the action of the worker. The resistance and the strike is because the workers themselves has no deep understanding about the possibility of a higher pay cheque, and add that to a government who is not willing to pay then you will have the situation we have in Nigeria now.

A candidate with the correct idea about what the workers should get is the answer to the problem, and if it is possible to convince the government to pay, the market place will stir up the reaction that will cause instant inflation to rubbish the income and make it of no effect and the suffering of the worker will only continue.

A genuine leader who has the correct perspective can increase the wage and maintain the economic and prevent the effect of inflation, so that the workers will have value for their new wages. In this regard, Sowore is the man, he is the man the workers should be talk to, he is the man the workers should be promoting, and he is the answer to the demand.

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