Conspiracy against Buhari might be real

Politicians become desperate as the election knocks at the door, it is like that everywhere, sometimes, the desperation is taking to another world, but the level of desperation in display in Nigeria as the 2019 election draws near is something that has not been seen in a long time, and among all the dramas, it is increasingly looking like President Buhari is being set up in a conspiracy.

President Buhari might have started this war, because his party APC displayed clear cruelty to beat the oppositions in Ekiti and Osun election, He kept people in detention, rejecting court order and violating the Human Rights of the people concerns, but it seems He is been swallowed up in multiple crisis that he might never be able to overcome. Suddenly, a crisis broke out in Kaduna again, the people are calling for his head.

The Kaduna crisis is merely cooling down when the Shi’ite protest exploded, the people took to the street to demand the release of their leader Sheik Ibrahim El -Zakzaky from detention, though they have the reason to explore peaceful protest, but this has become a clear violence. There are fear in some corner that a protest for Dansuki might join this.

At the same time, the NLC wanted to debate wage increase, what should have been a discussion where both sides table their sides of reality and a comprise is striked at a middle points, has become a new face of battle in Nigeria, the NLC has been threatening a total paralysis, “stuff your home with food, strike start November 6th”. It is not clear if the government can pay this wages the NLC is asking for.

Nnamdi Kanu has also resurfaced, threatening hell, brimstone and fire. It is not clear that Buhari can handle these battles, who is after the job of the President and will stop at nothing to get it? The President just have to do whatever he can, releasing the Shi’ite leader will cost him nothing, the new wage crisis can be pushed to the future by appealing to the NLC leadership, Oshiomole must still have some level of influence with them, it is time to use thosw influences, Let the President call his Fulani kinsmen to order now, the Muslim must be call to order too, the killing of innocent soul has to stop.

This can do either of two things for the President, it is either he wins the election, or he will lose the election and retain some record achievement through these crisis.

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