Does Okorocha even listen to himself

Governor Rochas Okorocha has lost his mind, this is due to the unnecessary battle he is fighting to impose his son in-law as governor after him, this idea has failed before he can even perfect it among his own loyal friends and in his political party, this is an indication that the people are not buying the idea but the governor will not listen to anybody.

Governor Okorocha was once a very smart politician and everybody thought he was going to make a great leader, that was in days when he was seeking to become the President of Nigeria, he was known for making correct and fantastic political statement which has won many people to his side, the only thing standing between him and the Presidency was time, and this people had hoped that he will achieved when he become a Governor, everybody thought he was going to use that office as a springboard for his future political career.

But no sooner had he become the governor than he lost his mind, initially, he sacrificed his credibility by rationalising the failure of Buhari, then he started erecting statues for some failed African leaders who were sent out of office immediate after he turn them to an hero in Nigeria, that was a damaging political miscalculations for him and his dive into failure never stopped from then.

It is understandable that there is no space for Okorocha yet in the Federal government and at Presidency at the moment but he stood a very good chance in the nearest future, that is why he cannot afford this dirty politics about his in-law now. It is not likely that anybody else will support him like his in-law to say the truth, but he should show the people that the governorship race is not about his selfish interest alone but the people.

The governor should give up this fight that he can never win, and channel another cause for his political retirement as governor and for a future prospect in other political office.

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