Nigerian online Primary election for 79 candidates for 2019

Today every well meaning Nigerian will make a statement, an informed statement that is able to overturn the president arrangement of PDP/APC to pass the Aso rock among themselves, it is a primary election for all the 79 political candidates in the 2019 presidential race, the aim is to present a better alternative for Nigeria.

The primary election will take place by 5pm today on a YouTube channel M46664, it is organised by the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria (ECSDN). A body of Nigerians in diaspora.

Earlier, the Global Coordinator of the coalition, Frederick Odorige had released a video that condemned the backwardness and hardship imposed upon Nigerian by her government, in his own word, “for too long, Nigerians have been short-changed by the political class and Nigerians must use the 2019 general
elections to say no to insecurity, disenfranchisement, corruption, rigging…” He therefore asked all Nigerian to come online to participate in this online primary.

In the same way Fafore Adebowale Abiodun, a coordinator of the platform said, “the election is going to take place by 5pm Nigerian time on the Nelson M46664”.

Nigerian has almost resigned to fate because it seems the choice before is between the APC and the PDP, in what looks like a devil’s alternative, in which any of them that won will cause worst hardship on the country.

It is time to make a collective effort to safe Nigeria, no youth in Nigeria who has online presence should ignore this vote, it will not required travelling home, no intimidation and no rigging.

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