On the N30,000 minimum wage

Poverty is here in Nigeria, some people now refers to Nigeria as the head quarter of the poverty of the world, after a report claimed that Nigeria has beaten Indian to that shameful spot. That the government are not bothered about the situation leaves a lot of question in the heart of many people, but the real big thing is that, can N30,000 make any difference in the life of the people?

Ngige has come out to tell Nigerian that N22000 is enough to keep a family of four for a month, and when he was tackled for making such defaming statement, he reinforced it by saying that any worker that felt otherwise to resign and take up farming and they will understand how hard the life is out there.

If the Minister for Labour think he understand the country better he must just check his statement along the following reality in Nigeria.

A bag of rice is N19000.
A liter of vegetable oil N1500.
Fish N500
Tomato and pepper N800
Electricity bill N1000
House rent N1500
Transportation N1000
School fees N5000 for each children, and two =N10000

Don’t just factor the fact that this family might have children who are in the University, when the Federal government is trying to increase the school fees, the family might be dreaming of having their own house one day, they might even want to set aside some money for vacation.

Dear Mr. Ngige, your job is not to stuff hardship down the throat of the people, you can start by showing people by coming down to a place where you will live with the same amount, if you survive pass the first two days, that means your government can go ahead with this draconic policy.\

APC made some promises that make the people of Nigeria trust them with their mandate, and that promises was to make a change in Nigeria and turn things around, if the government cannot do the job, it should give space for other people.

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