This election is a threat to the second term ambition of Trump

President Trump is likely going to lose his second term election, the result from the midterm election has clearly stated that the people want something different from the direction he is taking the United State, the Democrats has taken over the House, and he is left only with the Senate, this does not look good for him.

The Republican have their ways of beaten the odds, but it seems they are not working for Trump, recall that before the election some explosive devices were sent to the residence of some top Democrats and those that were not in support of Trump’s administration, if the intention of the explosive devices was to weaken the opposition, it failed woefully.

To make the matter worst for Trump, the women are coming up and the Muslim also, this are the groups that the President has targeted to reduce their influence in United State, but instead of diminishing their influence, they are even getting stronger.

The Trump I know is not likely to learn any lesson from the outcome of this election, he is probably going to hit the twitter to lash out at the opposition and blame the whole thing on Clinton, Obama and other Democratic, and definitely he is also going to blame his defeat in the coming election on them also.

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