Buhari needs the youths as lasting legacy

President Buhari needs to leave a lasting legacy as his first term is about to end, the fear of most of his loyal friend is the possibility of the wicked Cabal in Nigeria preventing his return for second term. There is certainly no towering infrastructural in view that the government can point to as achievement, then He needs to starting working on leaving human legacy for providence.

Soludo, Oby Ezekwesili, El Rufai, Fani Kayode and Fayose were introduced to the Nigerian politics a little over ten years ago, but they are still running things while the government that brought them on board is long gone, compare to the political appointees of Buhari, the likes of Lai Muhammed , Adebayo and Co, this government will soon fade out in a couples of years from now.

Buhari needs a vibrant you to put a youth friendly look to his government and as a selling point in the coming election. The president should be thinking of persons that he can pass on the baton to now that his time is gradually going.

It is good to have a great intentions for the country like the President want the countrymen to belief, but the best way to carry on the good work is to empower the people who can also run with the vision as well as him.

The job of nation building can never be completed in a single generation, that is why procreation is what is keeping the engine of human civilization going. The time to create that continuity and put the youth in charge is now, this is not doing the youth a favour, but it is a duty which the current leader owes to Nigeria.

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