The story of 3 fishes told by EA Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has a story for the world about how to get a sure protection from every form of attack, this is the story of three fishes.

According to him, there were three fishes that were regularly harassed by some notorious shark, these fishes has seen some other fishes gone down the throat of the shark and never seen again, they knew that the death will be their turn one day unless something is done.

The three fishes came together one day and decided to seek help, they turned to God, and He gave them attention, after they had explained their challenges, God asked each of them to make a request. The first fish asked that God should give it fish in every part of its body, the second fish wanted to have wings, while the third fish only asked for the presence of God.

God granted all these requests, the shark came after the first fish with eyes all over its body. The Shark could not trap the fish, and while the fish was drifting about the water, it drifted out of the water into a pond, the shark could not come after it, but the pond soon dried up and the fish died.

It was the turn of the fish with the wing next, when the shark started their trouble the fish simply flipped its wings and flew out of the water. But out there in the sky was a hungry Eagle who could not imagine its luck of catching a fish with wing. The fish ended in the belly of the eagle.

After several years the other two fished are death, the third fish was still having fun, and helping to raise its grandchildren, no shark dare move near it, and one day a little shark who was puzzled by this irony ask it parents why the fish and its offsprings could not be touched, it was then that it was made to realise about the form of a man that was always following the fish about and anything that dare goes near risk death.

The man of God said that the best form of protection is the abiding presence of God.

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