Why Buhari cannot beat Atiku over N30,000 salary

President Buhari’s greatest nightmare is the new minimum wage, the demand for increase in salary that started like a joke has gradually become a big campaign game changer, and the Atiku camp has taking a good advantage of it by instantly paying his worker the asking wages as an individual, the government has thus been edged to a corner that it cannot escaped from, it is either going to kill or kill them.

Buhari’s campaign team has been trying to shake up the minimum wage since it began, the tactics has gone from bad to worst, starting by naming N22000, telling the word that it is enough for any workers to survive on, that was outrightly rejected. and they decided deceived the labour by agreeing to their term only to allow Prince Charles’ visit and going back on the agreement later. But before they could get to the top of the situation, Atiku, another top contender for the office of President, has decided to gain an edge in the campaign by paying N30,000 to his staffs.

In a desperate effort to rescue the situation, the Buhari’s team has gone after the personality of Atiku, telling the whole world that he lied about the numbers of workers in his companies, when the argument did not payoff, they went after Atiku’s University, asking him to lower the school fee. The way the whole thing is going, that will not work either.

Like every normal individual, the Buhari’s team knows the implications of their action, they knew that the people will be feeling that the government is cruel, because an individual cared enough to take a risk to raise the salary of his workers and the government refused to do the same.

The Nigerian government created the problem of inflation in Nigeria, and while the suffering lasted the Nigerian did not feel the presence and eagerness of the government to ride the storm with them , the government seems to stay in the protected fortress while the storm tormented the people.

If the Buhari’s administration then take the risk to increase the wages, that means it has to continue to pay the wages after it has won the second term and it is going to create a more problem for the country if indeed the government is broke and it cannot pay the new wage

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