Nigerian’s crave for education despite unemployment

The unemployment situation is alarming in Nigeria, so bad that people will take just any job, even if their academic qualification is far above the job specification and requirement, people spent fortune to go to school and come out stranded, walking the street in search of job that is not available, borrowing and begging to survive, but the craze for education is hotter today than it was in the past.

Nigerian seeking admission into various tertiary institution every years are in their millions, the UTME, an organisation in charge of the exam now extort the people by collecting N7000 or more for the exam that last only a brief minutes, the government are so helpless about this situation that the various tertiary institution now device a means to reduce the candidate to the minimum, this is called Post Jamb exam, the intention looks good on the surface, but it is another means of generating fund, yet thousands of candidate pays.

The huddle to get admission is enough to discourage people from going to school, but nobody cares, it is seen as a means to a glorious future and it even makes the race sweeter, now every tertiary institutions are charging tens and hundreds of thousand, few privates universities are charging millions already. You will expect the charge to stop the people, but no way.

Recently, the government set up tertiary institution to solve this problem but they are already swimming with student, new private tertiary institutions are springing up everywhere, yet all of them are not enough for the Nigerian seeking admission because many Nigerian are travelling out of the country to seek education.

All these effort is to get a job. Getting a job in Nigeria is a miracle, though many Nigerian will love to travel abroad, but give them a high paying job and they will rather stay than leave the country, yet the government is not making any serious effort to create jobs.

Why are Nigerian still chasing after school? The answer is simple, education remains the easiest way to earn a living, and it gives a secure hope. The government of the day might be irresponsible to the yearning of the people for job, but people believes that the situation will change for better, there is a historical antecedents to that, where job become readily available after a long period of unemployment.

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