What Nigerian think about some jobs

Nigerian have their own idea about various professions and job, this might run contrary to the real essence of the profession, but these are becoming an established truth about the profession and those that are engaged in them should be careful not to be wrongly label too, and those that have the right label should keep up the good job.

Teacher: The reward of the teachers are in heaven. It is the job that nobody wanted to do, majority of those in this job gets there because there was no better option. The take home is usually very low.

Police: Bribe, weytin you carry, weytin you chop remain, anything for the Boys? It is generally believed that there is no way you can get away without parting with your money when you have encounter with the Nigerian police, if you find your self in their custody or they pay you a visit.

Politician: Liar, corruption, Nigerian politician are feared as the people that can conjure up any lie and make it real. They are the chief promoters of corruption in the land and their main objective seems to be to take the country backward instead of taking it forward.

Movie stars: Infidelity and broken homes. Nigerian actors are prone to polygamy, they have the record of the shortest marriage in the country.

Music star: Infidelity and drug, Many Nigerian music star have children out of wedlock and they also abuse drug or engage in drug trafficking.

Pastors: Fraud and promiscuity, Nigerian believed that the best way to make fast money is to start a Church. Some Pastors also use diabolical power.

Hair Dresser: infidelity, it is another means that some ladies pursue a career in prostitution. Many of the ladies bleach as if it goes with the job.

Lawyer: Liar, Nigerian will claimed that it is impossible for a Lawyer to live without telling lies.
Media: Infidelity alcoholism and Clubbing. The media personality also live glamorous life and that often get them into trouble of men that want to have an affairs with them at all cost and for the male, there are lots of free ladies throwing themselves at them. They get invited to party where there are free drinks.

Military: Abuse of power, alcoholism and infidelity. Nobody want to be punish by the Nigerian soldier, it is such an unpleasant experience.

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