No under-age voting

Ojogo is diminutive, cheated by everything in life, her men, parent, money and status, she look thirteen despite the fact that she will soon clock thirty-five, and the biggest insult to her personality is in the past election.

“Get out of the line, children are not allowed to vote.” The Corp Member conducting the election at the polling center in her area shouted on her, he even tried to drag her out of the line(queue).

Boiling as if she will explode any time, but before she could say a word the people come to her aid, she wanted to tell the Corp Member that she is old enough to be his mother, but no thanks to her parent, she had no education and she cannot speak in English and the boy that did this to her can only speak English, because he is from another tribe of Nigeria.

Everybody that tried to help her could not speak English either, so their help was of little or no use, they continued to tell the Corp Member that this woman only have a look of a teenager but she is quite old, the Corp Member continued with the assignment before him and he is determined to prevent this under age girl from voting.

Ojogo did not know why she stayed by the side and refuse to go home, maybe to savage the wrong done to her, she was still waiting there when Odun strolled into the venue, with arrogance, greeting nobody, shoulder high, because he is one of the boys of the big politicians, it is like he has some official duty to do for one of the Political Party, going by the tag he is wearing on his neck. But secretly he is sharing money to buy vote, but he disguise that in his official election duty.

He walked straight to the head of the line of voters, said something to the Corp Member’s ear, and he was giving the chance to do his accreditation, people grumbled, but that did not stop this Odun.
Ojogo got even more angry and she unleashed the frustration built up inside of her, so much that the whole process paused to hear her, and when Odun heard that she has been denied the chance to vote because of her little status, He did something that he has never done before.

“Do you know that this woman is older than me, she is even old enough to be your mother.” Odun stated and he began to persuade the Corp Member to allow her to vote.

The fear of people finding her on the queue and the possibility of somebody taking a photograph of her and putting it on the social media will not allow the Crop Member’s to agree to the plea, but the Police officer stationed at the polling center to provide security was drafted into the matter. It was only after then that she was allowed to vote.

She was thinking of thanking Odun later for protecting her dignity when he called her aside and told her to vote for one of the candidate in the election, she promised to pay her.

Now she sees why Odun will defend her, the boy is so disrespectful and arrogant, so he is taking a different stand to his real attitude just to win this election for one of those disgruntled politician. She collected the money, and voted a different candidate so that Odun will be put to shame.
She will never vote again, she cannot tolerate this kind of humiliation anymore in her life, besides nobody cares whether she vote or not.

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