Adams Oshiomole must pay back APC nomination money

Nigeria has not seen the kind of injustice that was perpetuated in the APC primary election, where the party collected money for nomination form and no election was conducted.

The country are yet to come to term with the huge amount that the Political Party ask as nomination fees, and the APC are already adding a severe dimension to the problem. Before, the poor cannot aspire to contest for election because they cannot afford the money to buy the party form, now the few that have the money are defrauded.

In Ondo state for instance, there are court cases over the APC primary, some praying the court to cancel the process and others claiming that the direct primary election conducted by a faction of the party be recognised, the party should compensate those who paid and did not have the chance to lose in a free and fair primary election. Adams Oshiomole should return the money of these candidates, some of them borrowed, and some took loan, the money must be refunded.

If the right thing is not done, the looting in the country will even get worst, since politician will have to still the money to buy nomination form and the fact that the party ticked will be handed over to the candidate who can bribe with the biggest sum.

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