Obasanjo must rescue Nigeria’s LG from anti-democratic Governors

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has taking a hard knock on the wicked practices of some Governors in Nigeria for refusing to allow the due democratic process in the Local Government under them.

In Nigeria this days, it is nothing new for the Governor to withhold the allocations, salaries and special fund for the Local Government areas in their state. The third tiers of the government in Nigeria has been scrap to feed the bank account of the Governor.

In other to allow the Governors a free chance to do as they like in the LG, some of them had placed embargo on the election to various Local Government in the country, that way they continue to divert the fund for the council. They imposed a caretaker committee who can never query them and who will be too glad with any little amount given to them.

Obasanjo can rescue Nigeria by taking drastic steps by going after the affected Governors. There are three major step he can take in this regard, He should insist that they pay back every money that they have illegally taking from the Local Government account, there should be immediate election in every Local Government where there are illegal government like the care taker committee. Then the Local Government should have autonomy.

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